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Wall Mounted Note Paper Dispenser with a 160 foot roll of paper included

  • CONVENIENT - Paper dispenses easily. Never loose your pen with our integrated attachment for a writing device.
  • EASILY REFILLABLE - Includes one 3" wide paper roll, FREE. Replacement paper roll maximum width of 3 inches. Remove inner core for easy install.
  • QUICK & EASY NOTES - Perfect to use for reminders, grocery lists, and important notes or phone numbers
  • SOLID WOOD CONSTRUCTION - Made of a sturdy natural wood base.
  • EASY TO MOUNT - Easy to hang and extremely easy to use (right out of the box). 5.125" wide x 15" height (mounting instructions included)

Wall Mounted, Roll Paper, Note Dispenser with Pen Holder. Don’t forget anything again, not even where to keep the pen. Mount our roll paper note dispenser in any location of the house, like the kitchen, to remind or remember the grocery list, to-do list, important notes, or the next great idea. Makes for a perfect gift for any occasion. Made of sturdy natural wood which makes it easy to mount and comes with everything you need right out of the box, including your first paper roll.