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10 Extra Large Periodical Table Posters (24x17 inch Double Sided)

  • TREMENDOUS VALUE: This item contains 10 double sided posters containing the Periodic Table. Two different versions of the Period Table are included.
  • EXTRA LARGE SIZE: These double-sided 24"x17" posters
  • QUALITY MATERIALS: Posters are made with high-quality materials, printed on a durable paper, with a protective gloss coating to protect them from dust and scratches and easy to clean.
  • Great item to share with science/chemistry departments and other teachers.
  • GUARANTEED QUALITY: High quality heavy-duty and BUILT TO LAST! Made by Elan Publishing Company. We are a family owned USA company and we have been making quality products for over 50 years

This colorful double-sided Periodic Table of Elements poster is all you ever need for your kids to learn and understand more about Science. Makes learning more fun with its attractive colors to easily spot groups of elements, learn their Atomic Number, Atomic Weight, Symbol and Name.

GTIN: 812458035899